Types of doors

ven in case the roof can be displaced from the pool it is recommended to get at least one of the offered types of doors installed in the largest segment of the roof to gain better access and serviceability. In case the customer uses the pool ladder located above the pool rim to enter the pool, the use of a suitable door in the front wall of the roof eliminates the need of moving the ladder when moving the segments behind the pool.  All doors are fitted with a lock for the safety of your  children.

One door type in any position is included in the basic price of each roof. (Please note that a tilting front is considered a door)

Hinged doors

Hinged doors are placed in the front wall of the smallest or the largest segment, standard width 90 cm (possible to change in case required) equipped with a handle and secured with a lock. The lower profile of the door is fixed or removable, in case an obstacle prevents the sliding of the segment, for example the ladder.

Sliding fron door

Sliding doors equipped with rails located in the front wall of the smallest or largest segment.

Sliding side doors

Consisting of its own frame, sliding on its own rails, equipped with a handle and secured with a lock. Suitable for pools with stairs located in one of the corners, or for high walk-through enclosures.
This doors allows entering the pool without having to move segments.

Cabin type doors

Designed for easy access under a low roof. A combination of sliding and hinged doors. Suitable for pools with stairs located at the front. Can be used only in the largest segment.

A tilting front

In case the upper edge of the pool is considerably above the surrounding area on which the rails of  the roof are located, a tilting front is the most suitable solution.
The front wall is lengthwise divided in two parts, top and bottom. The lower part is connected to the upper part with a hinge, making it possible to move (tilt) in the range of 180 degrees. This solution is also suitable even if it is not possible to completely displace the largest segment.



4,00 m x 8,52 m x 1,40 m

Construction: 4 segments, 1x sliding side door, profils silver elox, filling PC 10mm transparent, 

Price: 4. 885 EUR
(without VAT)

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