The roof consists of two or more segments of unequal height. Each segment consists of 2.17 m long structures made of high strength aluminum alloy that is bent and formed into shape according to the specific type and filled with 10mm polycarbonate roofing panels (five-chamber or unicameral) or 4mm ("clear glass") with double-sided UV protection .The width of this design depends on the width of the pool, the number of segments depends on the length of the pool. The segments are equipped with wheels with stainless steel bearings at the corner for easy operation and moving over telescopic rail tracks. In most cases they can be pushed behind  the pool. On request it is possible to use different types and colors of the aluminum construction, the same applies for the actual construction.

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4,00 m x 8,52 m x 1,40 m

Construction: 4 segments, 1x sliding side door, profils silver elox, filling PC 10mm transparent, 

Price: 4. 885 EUR
(without VAT)

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