Construction preparations

The main conditions that the installation of the roof and mainly its usage takes place to your and our satisfaction is properly prepared surface for the fixing of the rails. (paving, concrete, wood….) This area makes a big difference in the quality and easy manipulation of the individual segments. Ideally the height tolerance should not exceed 4mm for the whole lenght of the railing. Of course we are able to deal with worse surfaces, but in this case it is necessary to calcute with the posibility of prolonging the rails.
Furthermore we only need sufficient access to the pool and the posibility to connect  to a 220V network.



4,00 m x 8,52 m x 1,40 m

Construction: 4 segments, 1x sliding side door, profils silver elox, filling PC 10mm transparent, 

Price: 4. 885 EUR
(without VAT)

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