Frequently asked questions.

What color options do you offer?

-Construction of the roof: ELOX silver (included in the basic price) ELOX brown, imitation wood, RAl colors
-Color of the filling: polycarbonate chambers 10mm in the colors clear, light blue, brown.
Polycarbonate  4mm in the colors clear, smoke and blue.
All color variations of the panels feature high light admitance. On regest i tis possible to produce more panels for one segment, for example with the K2 model i tis possible to choose a vertical waal panel in PC4 mm smoke and the roof arch design in PC 10mm brown, etc.
More information about colors in the section Color combinations.

What are the warranty conditions?

We offer a prolonged three-year warranty on our products. This warranty applies to all parts of the roof, provided that the conditions mentioned in the Acceptance Certificate that comes along with the roof are fulfilled.

What do I ensure before the delivery of the roof?

First of all the surface on which the rails are fastened must be prepared and furthermore connection to a 220V network. More information in the section Construction preparation.



4,00 m x 8,52 m x 1,40 m

Construction: 4 segments, 1x sliding side door, profils silver elox, filling PC 10mm transparent, 

Price: 4. 885 EUR
(without VAT)

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