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Zastřešování bazénů


Do you have a swimming pool and are you tired of the constant weather changes that prevent you from swimming in your new pool? There is a very simple solution that will satisfy you - the pool roof

The pool roof allows many other uses. The pool roof will prolong the season you can effectivly use your pool from ASpril to November. This is for sure a very nice fading.

You will not have to invest so much money, time and effort in maintaining your pool, and in addition, the pool’s temperature is  about 10 ° C higher than a pool without the roofing - another plus for the pool roof.

Konstrukce zastřešení

Construction of the roof

There is macramolecular displacement between the segments. The segments move on rails, which in combination with the lower-profile guarantee protection against movement during storms.

The roof has two fronts, which are supplied as standard removable. One door is included in the price according to customer’s requirements (may be sliding or hinged). The Lexan  panels  may be in color or full board ("looks like a glass").

For the filling of the construction we also use Lexan 5RS. This designation is for 4-chamber design that ensures minimum heat loss.

Výhody zastřešení

Benefits of Roofing

Prodlužte si sezonu koupání díky zastřešení bazénů od dubna do listopadu.

  • Increased water temperature from 5 ° C to 10 ° C without heating the water.
  • Lower costs for chemical treatment of the water.
  • Prevent pollution of water by rain and surrounding dirt.
  • Increased safety for your children (a variant of lockable roofing).
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